Loosen frozen fasteners, nuts, bolts, hinges, cables.


Treat leather, vinyl, plastic, rubber, and wood.


Lubricate any moving parts, large or small, and yet does not allow dirt or dust to accumulate.


Remove surface rust from parts and protect from corrosion. Prevent oxidation of bare metal, battery terminals, etc.

Sphere of Gears

The Ultimate Surface Conditioning Lubricant

A commercial grade product that will replace all of your other penetrants, degreasers, spray on lubricants, white lithium grease, silicones, Teflon, contact cleaners, carburetor cleaners, belt dressings and vinyl, leather and wood treatments.  Gibbs® Brand Lubricant is the supreme penetrating, lubricating, and universal surface conditioning fluid. The patent for Gibbs was the first of its kind and established the patent category for "penetrating oil". Many have tried, but none have succeeded in matching the performance and longevity of Gibbs. Gibbs® leaves a thin viscous film that eliminates gelling and residue build-up, resulting in free-moving mechanical parts. Parts lubricated with Gibbs stay lubricated for years -- not weeks -- outlasting our best known competitor by over four to one.  Gibbs' multiple uses means that you spend less money for products you'll never need again.